Petropavlovskaya CHPP is ready for the heating season – a monopolist

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM – Petropavlovsk CHPP-2 has four boiler units. The press service of JSC “Sevkazenergo” assures that this is enough to provide heat to the city in September, the correspondent of MIA “Kazinform” reports.

The beginning and passing of the heating season is a topic that is especially exciting for citizens this year. After the collapse of the chimney at the Petropavlovsk CHPP-2, people are expecting the current cold weather with anxiety. The monopolist assures that the restoration work will not affect for the heating season.

“Petropavlovskaya CHPP-2 is fully prepared to meet the autumn-winter period. There are four boiler units operating at the station, and the fifth one will be connected soon. This is quite enough to provide the necessary temperature regime in September. In October, focusing on a gradual schedule for the withdrawal of equipment from repairs and connection of gas ducts, the station will already have nine operating boilers. Fuel reserves in the standard amount – 119 thousand tons,” the press service said.

Connecting the city to the heat will take place according to the schedule. First – kindergartens, schools and hospitals, then – high-rise buildings.

“For consumers, the territorial location and passports of the object’s readiness for the heating season will play a role. The launch of heating for citizens is associated with the adjustment of hydraulics, the opening of valves, and this work is not performed at once. The emergency and dispatching services of the thermal grid company are switching to a rapid response mode. On average, the city’s heat supply system begins to fully function on the 14th day from the start. Power engineers plan to provide the whole city with heat until October 10,” the press service of Sevkazenergo JSC informed.

On the third or fourth day from the beginning of the heating season, houses will be connected in the 19th and 20th microdistricts, the village of Borki, in the Yubileyny microdistrict, after – Bereke, the railway station area, the Rabochy settlement. In the first days of October, heat will be given to the BZ microdistrict, to houses along Shukhov, Musrepov, Naberezhnaya and Zhambyl streets.

Heating season in Petropavlovsk will begin September 24th.

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