Peace collective calls for a new national protest against the mobilization in Russia

The movementor pacifist Vesná (Spring) convened for Saturday a new national protest against partial mobilization in Ukraine decreed the day before by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

“The mobilization It is already actively running throughout the country. Soon thousands of our men will be sent to the front lines. We can and must speak out against it!” says the group, which has already called the first protest on Wednesday, on its Telegram channel.

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The protest actions, which yesterday Wednesday concluded with 1,320 detainees in the main cities of the country, they were the largest since those held at the start of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine last February.

“The ultimate goal of the protest is not to protest for protest’s sake, but victory over the Putin regime. Yesterday we saw that there were fewer cops than usual and were less organized. In addition, the mobilization also affects them, so the protest is in their interests,” he said.

In addition to denouncing that the Kremlin wants to use the Russians as “cannon fodder”, the call underlines the need for more people to take to the streets on Saturday.

In order to make it difficult to police work, Vesná will announce the venue for the protest actions at the last minute, although participants are advised do not resort to violence against law enforcement.

According to the organization OVD-Info, some of the detainees were given notices to appear immediately at the offices of recruitment.

The local press reported that many Russians are trying to leave the country so as not to be called up, which is why plane tickets to some destinations would have been sold out.

The media today also published images of queues in the border posts, although some European countries have already said that they have no intention of granting asylum to Russians who refuse to be mobilized by their country.

Russian government denies that the lines are so long: it is exaggerated

The kremlin declared this Thursday that the information about queues to leave the country after the entry into force of the partial mobilization ordered this Wednesday by the Russian president are “very exaggerated”.

“Reports that there is a certain hubbub at airports are greatly exaggerated,” said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitry Peskovin his daily telephone press conference.

This is how Peskov responded to a question about the news published in some media about queues at border posts to leave russiaas well as the depletion of plane tickets for some destinations where Russians do not need a visa.

He stressed that on this matter “there is a lot of false information” and added that “be careful not to be a victim of this lying information.”

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