Nuclear power plants can be built not only in the Almaty region

ALMATY. KAZINFORM Experts, scientists, students of the nuclear industry discussed the construction of nuclear power plants in Kazakhstan, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Round table on the topic “Why build a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan?” took place within the walls of one of the universities in Almaty. The moderator of the meeting, head of the Department of Theoretical and Nuclear Physics of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Medeu Abishev said that the meeting was held on behalf of the President. According to him, today the issue of building a nuclear power plant is being widely discussed among the population.

Vice-rector of the Almaty University of Energy and Communications Almaz Sauhimov said that if a nuclear power plant is built in Kazakhstan, electricity will be saved.

“If you look from this point of view, today there is a shortage of electricity in the country. Our power plants are outdated. Therefore, I consider it possible to build a nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan. This is because nuclear power plants have few emissions. Moreover, Kazakhstan ranks second in the world in terms of uranium reserves. Therefore, we can say that we have all the conditions for the construction of a nuclear power plant. The Kazakh National University and our university have departments for training the necessary specialists working at nuclear power plants. Therefore, we are ready for this,” said Almaz Sauhimov.

He also said that Kazakhstan is considering the construction of several nuclear power plants.

“The first nuclear power plant will be built near Lake Balkhash in the Almaty region. We believe that this station will be built by 2035. This is just one station. Specialists are also considering the possibility of building two more stations – in the Mangistau region and the Abay region, not far from the city of Kurchatov,” the speaker said.

Almas Yskakov, senior researcher at the Neutron Physics Laboratory of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, noted that the only research reactor in Kazakhstan is operating at the Institute of Nuclear Physics.

“More than 70 highly qualified specialists work at the research reactor. In general, they can be called specialists who are ready to work at nuclear power plants. A nuclear power plant is an environmentally friendly source of electricity. If the nuclear power plant is built, it will raise the scientific and experimental base of the country. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, such a project has not been implemented in the country. If this project is implemented in our country, then I believe that our country will enter the era of technocracy,” added Almas Yskakov.

He also said that if the Russian company Rosatom builds a nuclear power plant on Kazakh soil, then Russia can involve its base universities in the training of specialists, and today the Institute of Nuclear Physics closely cooperates with the Russian Federation and European countries in training personnel.

According to Asuan Siyabekov, General Manager for New Nuclear Energy Technologies of Kazakhstan Nuclear Power Plants LLP, the Head of State instructed to consider the possibility of building the first nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan.

“Our institution is a subsidiary of Samruk-Kazyna JSC. In 2018, we developed a feasibility study for the construction of a nuclear power plant. The capacity and location of the power plant are listed there. This rationale was approved by the consortium in Japan. Next, they chose NPP suppliers, that is, “vendors”. We reviewed 13 reactor technologies from six vendors. Four reactors were selected – the reactors of the Chinese company Xininsi, the South Korean Eichinpi, the Russian Rosatom and the French Edef. These are modern reactors. They belong to the third generation reactors,” Asuan Siyabekov said.

The speaker recalled that the city of Kurchatov in the Abay region and the village of Ulken in the Almaty region were considered for the location of the nuclear power plant.

“We explored these places. Both of them are suitable for the construction of nuclear power plants. However, the infrastructure conditions in the area of ​​Lake Balkhash, that is, in the Almaty region, turned out to be good, and we chose this place. In general, in order to build a nuclear power plant in the country, it is necessary to draw up documents for five years. The main construction work will be carried out within six years,” the speaker said.

Asuan Siyabekov also addedthat about 2 thousand people will work at the nuclear power plant.

“Only 20% of the approximately 2,000 people will be experts in nuclear physics and nuclear reactors. We think the rest will be operational personnel. If a nuclear power plant is built in the country, it will have a positive impact on the economy and new jobs will be created. 2.5-3.5 billion tenge will be taxed. The spread of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will decrease by 10 million tons per year. There is an assumption that it will be possible to receive unlimited electricity for 60 years,” Asuan Siyabekov concluded.

Former Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bolat Akchulakov informedthat the nuclear power plant will be built near the Ulken settlement of the Almaty region.

You can read about what nuclear energy will give to Kazakhstan at link.

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