Now if each one runs for his life: judge’s reaction during seismic alert

Last September 19tha date that makes the citizens of Mexico City and its surroundings performed as usual mock before earthquaketo later be surprised by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake.

However, our Mexico magical always brings out the best in it: humor in the face of fear; Proof of this were the memes that circulated on social networks after the incident.

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As a result of the euphoria over the earthquake, which many say already seems like a curse, a video that was shared by the user began to circulate on the TikTok platform. @pcazul since July, but apparently circulating in networks since 2018where the rreaction of a judge before the earthquake alert It was funny to many netizens.

In the clip, while a trial was taking place, you can hear that the seismic alert begins to soundto which the judge asks “Do we have information to vacate the building?”given the affirmative answer, the judge took immediate action towards the accused: “Civil procedural police agent, protect the accused please” and finished “And now everyone is going to run for their lives.”

This answer caused a lot of thanks among the users of networks social who made comments like: “He did his worked“, “But they keep the accused for me”, “This judge he does know about procedures”, “Mexico is the most surreal country”, “What episode of the Simpseithern is?”, among other funny answers that managed to relieve the tension of the moment bitter that lived the 19-S.

Note originally published in The Tijuana Sun

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