No sir general! – The Sun of Mexico

“We have been tolerant to criticized excesses, but everything has a limit.”

Gustavo Diaz Ordaz

You, head of National Defense, citizen Cresencio Sandoval, have no legal power to point out, with a flaming finger and a threatening voice, how

he did it on September 13: “we must discern those who, with tendentious comments, generated by their personal interests and ambitions before national ones, intend to separate the Armed Forces from the trust and respect that citizens deposit”.

No, you have explicit obligations indicated in the General Constitution of the Republic. No, secretary! In Mexico, until now, there is freedom to express an opinion on public affairs without any restriction, as guaranteed by the Magna Carta and you cannot demonize the voices that question the behavior of public servants like you, who depend on the salary that comes from the taxes that most of us transfer to the Ministry of Finance.

No, citizen Sandoval, the country is not a barracks made up of battalions and platoons governed by military discipline, where you can order military behavior. If you think you can read a diazordacist stink speech with impunity, you’re wrong. Perhaps, he does so motivated by the power that his boss has transferred to him, by adding approximately 115,000 members of the National Guard under his command. Perhaps, he is emboldened by the millionaire resources that he now enjoys for the various extramilitary activities and the voluminous public budget that they have been assigned.

Now, if you want to participate in the political and partisan debate, resign and join the party you defend and you can even run for a popularly elected position. You decide. Of course, no one should be naive, his text was approved by his boss and, perhaps, even prepared in the National Palace by some scribe. The Lord of Tabasco cannot and does not know how to govern without you. He has given them immunity and impunity and to legitimize him he has the CNDH, a little monstrosity that does what the president says. And he takes advantage of it.

You and the elite that accompanies you walk proudly. Today they rub their hands. In any case, the ratification of Morena in the 2024 election would allow them to continue enjoying their participation in political decisions, along with the owners of the money and possibly with a drug sector. But, let it be clear to you, general, Mexico is not a military camp, although you and AMLO see it that way. The struggle of the 1968 movement resisted this. Bayonets are never enough to stop arguments and constitutional rights.


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