Nine alleged members of the Familia Michoacana are arrested in Luvianos; they would have taken a primary. – The Sun of Mexico

Nine alleged members of a criminal cell of the Michoacán Family apparently related to crimes against healthwere detained by state police in Luviansa municipality located in the south of Mexico.

According to an information card issued by the authorities, some armed subjects would have taken the facilities of a primary; Therefore, the uniformed men, who were patrolling the highway that leads to the Cruz de Clavo community, launched an operation.

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Upon arriving at the affected site, the uniformed officers detected that the suspects; According to protocol, the state police intervened and arrested Jaime “N”, 39 years old, Diego “N”, 36 years old, Carlos “N”, 20 years old, René “N”, 37, Julio “N”, 31 years, Víctor “N” 24 years old, Ana “N” 28 years old, Gladis “N” 28 and Nabil “N” 35 years old.

The authorities did not specify the reason for the seizure of the school facilities, however they do not report people injured by these events.

At the scene of the events, the officers located three apparent marijuana plants, three pants, three jackets and three shirts with a pattern similar to that of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA); as well as pants similar to the uniform of lto National Guard (GN).

After making known the constitutive of the crime and the rights conferred by law, the probable perpetrators were sent along with the seized to the Tejupilco Regional Prosecutor’s Office, where responsibilities will be determined.

According to the investigations, the detainees could be members of a criminal organization with origins in the state of Michoacanso the investigations will be extended.

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