Nicaraguan government blocks CNN broadcasts – El Sol de México

The Nicaraguan government today blocked the broadcasts of the international news network CNN in Spanish without being notified of the reason for said decision, the chain itself reported on its website.

The blocking of broadcasts occurred this Thursday at 10:07 p.m. on Wednesday, local time in Nicaragua and “the Nicaraguan government has not ruled on why it has taken the CNN en Español signal off the air” after 25 years operating in the country, the chain said.

“CNN has tried to obtain some communication from both the government and the cable operators that carry the CNN signal in Spanish, without obtaining a response,” he added.

The news station recalled that the United Nations has expressed its concern over the attacks by the government of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega against “the Church, the independent press and human rights defenders in Nicaragua.”

“At CNN en Español we believe in the vital role that freedom of the press plays in a healthy democracy,” the network assured, adding that it will continue to fulfill its “responsibility to the Nicaraguan public,” offering its news through its internet “so they can have access to information that isn’t available any other way.

Finally, the information network expressed its support for the reports of its journalists and reaffirmed its “commitment to truth and transparency.”

Nicaragua has been going through a political and social crisis since April 2018, which has been accentuated after the controversial general elections on November 7, in which Ortega was re-elected for a fifth term, fourth consecutive and second along with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as vice president, with her main contenders in prison.

In this last stage of government, Ortega has closed at least 51 media outlets, including 23 last August, the majority owned by the Catholic Church, as well as 15 news outlets, and has confiscated different media outlets, including La Prensa, the oldest and most influential newspaper in the country.

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