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One of the points of the Decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin published today “On the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation” instructs the government of the country to “finance measures” and “take the necessary measures to meet the needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of other troops, military formations and bodies.” This means that literally from today the Russian industry will have to restructure its work and increase the output of products, one way or another necessary to fulfill the tasks of the special military operation in Ukraine.

Of course, in government and industry circles, they began to prepare in advance for such a turn of events. The day before, during a meeting with representatives of enterprises of the military-industrial complex (DIC), the president described in detail the current state of affairs.

“Today, given the situation, challenges and threats that our country is facing, defense industry enterprises are working in a tense, intensive mode. Labor collectives promptly solve non-standard tasks, restructure production, improve products, based on the experience of real combat operations. Your representatives themselves go literally to the front line – I want to note this, I want to say about it and I want to thank them for this. This is not just a responsible attitude to business, it is, to a certain extent, heroism. This makes a huge contribution to the improvement of military equipment used in the course of hostilities,” Vladimir Putin said.
He added that the Russian weapons used during the special operation show high efficiency, citing as an example aviation and air weapons, long-range high-precision missiles, rocket-artillery and armored weapons. According to the head of state, due to the presence of all of the above in the army arsenal, the military infrastructure, command posts, enemy equipment are destroyed, the location of nationalist formations is destroyed and losses among the personnel of the RF Armed Forces are minimized.

“I would also like to emphasize the fact that our equipment effectively resists Western weapons. To support the current regime in Kyiv, as you know, virtually all stocks of NATO arsenals are thrown. This means that we must and can study the arsenals, what is there and what is being used against us, qualitatively increase our capabilities and, based on the experience gained, improve our equipment, our weapons where necessary. This process is natural, and, of course, it must be used. At the same time, this must be done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Vladimir Putin stressed.

“Let me remind you in this regard that this year I made decisions on additional equipment of the troops with weapons and equipment and, accordingly, on the allocation of funds for their purchase and repair,” the President continued. – It is necessary to increase the production capacities of a number of defense industry enterprises and, where necessary, modernize them. Much has already been done to achieve this goal. So that the production and repair of weapons and equipment were continuous, decisions were made: contract, pre-contract procedures were significantly simplified, you know about this, the terms for concluding state contracts with a single contractor and the procedure for setting prices for such contracts were reduced, and the volumes of their advance payment were also increased.

It is worth noting that in February significant changes were made to the law on state defense orders. For example, the list of duties of an authorized bank that supports transactions under the State Defense Order was adjusted, and customers were allowed to conclude contracts with single suppliers at an estimated price.

Not only gingerbread was prepared for defense workers, but also a whip

Meanwhile, yesterday the State Duma, and today the Federation Council approved a bill that, among other things, introduces criminal liability of up to 10 years in prison for violating the terms of the state defense order. Now, for violation of the terms of the state defense order by a person who has previously been subjected to a similar administrative penalty, a fine in the amount of 1 million to 3 million rubles or in the amount of income for a period of 1 to 3 years is provided with deprivation of the right to hold relevant positions or engage in relevant activities for up to 10 years .

Also, the violator can be imprisoned for a period of 4 to 8 years with a fine in the amount of 500 thousand to 1 million rubles. Exemption from such severe criminal punishment is possible if the violations are voluntarily and promptly eliminated.

At the same time, if the crime caused damage to the state in the amount of at least 5% of the price of state contracts and at least 5 million rubles, or failure to fulfill the task of the state defense order, then liability is already provided for in the form of imprisonment for a period of 5 to 10 years with deprivation of the right to borrow certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to 5 years.

The bill was being prepared in recent months by senators and deputies of the State Duma from all factions. Thus, the defense industry is supposed to be stimulated to work effectively not only by creating conditions for it, but also by means of a legislative whip placed in the hands of the controlling bodies.

Rostec is aware of the responsibility

The industry quickly responded to the new reality. The Rostec State Corporation, which fulfills a little less than half of the entire state defense order, in the light of the mobilization decree of the President, said that it was ready to increase its production capacity for the production of military equipment and realized that it had a great responsibility.

“Already today, many Rostec enterprises have introduced a special mode of operation: employees work overtime, often on weekends. We will continue to increase our production capacity in order to meet the goals set for the corporation. We believe that our contribution to the common cause will help Russia prevail and emerge victorious, ”RIA Novosti quotes a statement from the state corporation.

Mobilization should be ensured not only by defense industry enterprises

Although the transition to the mobilization model of the entire economy is not yet de jure, the success of the special operation, on which the future of Russia and each of its citizens depends, directly depends not only on the defense industry. In general, the entire real sector is in the zone of special attention. And this must now be taken into account in production planning.

“Our military-industrial complex is closely connected with a number of branches of the Russian industry, and all of them, to one degree or another, provide and will continue to support it. First of all, we are talking about domestic metallurgy, which supplies defense enterprises with a wide range of products, from rolled aluminum to special steel grades,” said Leonid Khazanov, Doctor of Economics, independent industrial expert.

“Also, deliveries to the defense industry are carried out by the oil and gas, automotive and electrical industries. The first of them supplies it with various types of fuel, the second – provides the necessary components and spare parts, the third – switches, wires and other things. In fact, to one degree or another, today the entire Russian industry is working for the needs of the armed forces, providing them with a reliable rear, ”he told Expert.

All for the front, all for victory!

As for the front itself, Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, pointed out in a commentary to Expert that in order to ensure the partial mobilization announced in the country and fulfill the tasks of the special operation, growth is necessary, first of all, in the production of conventional weapons.

“We are talking about artillery systems, armored vehicles, ammunition, multiple launch rocket systems, mortar weapons. That is, all the nomenclature that is necessary for a full-fledged combined arms combat. It is also necessary to increase the production of air defense systems, ”the military expert noted.

In addition, he drew attention to the fact that the armed forces have an urgent need to obtain a sufficient number of drones. “But here, unfortunately, the technological cycle of production and import substitution requires procurement from those friendly countries that have the appropriate technology for strike-class drones. If we are talking about those who are ready to sell them to us, this is Iran. It is necessary not only to purchase large-scale parties, but also to train personnel. The same applies to loitering ammunition, ”Igor Korotchenko believes.

“Next, we need equipment. It is unacceptable that volunteers collect funds for equipment for our fighters. It is necessary to supply modern helmets, personal protective equipment, body armor, night optics, thermal imagers, various radars, quadrocopters – everything that is necessary for the effective conduct of hostilities and the organization of a comfortable, as far as possible in military conditions, life, ”the expert continued.

But in order to arrange the supply of all of the above, it is necessary to change the system for managing the state defense order, the editor-in-chief of Voyennoye Obozreniye believes. “There should be 100% advance payment. Enterprises must receive money in advance. Bureaucratic procedures should be forgotten and thrown away. To control the efficiency of spending funds, at every enterprise that fulfills the state defense order, there are military acceptance bodies, there is an economic security service of the FSB. They should be given all the relevant powers, and the State Defense Order should be focused only on what is necessary for victory in a special military operation. All for the front, all for victory! Forget about the rest. If necessary, postpone, freeze, and direct the funds to a special operation. And switch to three-shift work,” concluded Igor Korotchenko.

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