News of the day: “Once Upon a Time in San Remo”: Enrico Colonna will sing in Russia – Expert.RU

The program includes compositions of different styles and trends: jazz, blues, Latino, fragments of cult musicals, imperishable masterpieces of Italian classics, traditional Neapolitan songs and even romances with gypsy motifs and songs of his own composition, accompanied by the wonderful Lady’s band orchestra. The highlight of the musician’s concert program will be the famous Soviet-Russian hits in Italian, of which he is a co-author.

– Enrico does not stop at one style, – the organizers of the concert say. – It is difficult for him to give final preference to any single direction. You will hear such a versatility of reincarnations, which is not often seen in one concert.

A well-known Italian musician, jury member of prestigious European festivals, The Voice TV project, soloist of the Golden Hits of San Remo program at the Moscow International House of Music, Enrico Colonna is also the author of many wonderful works.

The musician sincerely loves Russia, and the Russian audience reciprocates. “The peoples of Italy and Russia have a lot of points of intersection, – the singer believes. – When I sing in Russia in Italian, I feel that people understand me, as if I sing in Russian … It’s amazing!”

Yarovit Hall is a new stylish space in the center of Moscow, each new season gives rise to interesting, vibrant projects.

It is located next to the Muzeon Park and the President Hotel, becoming a new point of attraction for Muscovites and city guests who want to live a rich life, attend vibrant and interesting cultural events. The exclusive space hosts concerts, performances and performances with the participation of stars of the first magnitude. Here everything is created for the comfort of guests, each of whom can feel special.

The hall is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment, and multimedia screens broadcasting in 4k resolution are designed to create the effect of augmented reality in the auditorium, continuing the scenery, immersing the audience in the atmosphere of what is happening on the stage.

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