News of the day: More than 600 tons of products were produced by a Moscow manufacturer of nut butter in six years – Expert.RU

The volume of production of nut butter at the enterprise of the capital company Nattys for six years exceeded 600 tons or 2 million cans. This year, the company also launched walnut dragees and peanut butter bars in Belgian milk chocolate. This was announced by the head of the department of investment and industrial policy of Moscow, Vladislav Ovchinsky.

“Moscow fruit and vegetable processing enterprises have increased production by almost 31% over the seven months of this year. It is important that companies not only increase production volumes, but also expand the range. For example, the city has been producing natural peanut butter without artificial additives and sugar for six years. Over the entire period of work, more than 600 tons, or over two million jars, of nut butter have been produced,” said Vladislav Ovchinsky.

Products can be purchased at large chain supermarkets throughout the country, at marketplaces and gas stations.

“We have been producing natural nut food products for six years now. During this time, we have increased production from 180 to 2.5 thousand square meters. New facilities will allow us to produce up to 300 tons of walnut products per month. In July, we set up new equipment and in August began the first deliveries of new products to federal retail,” said Yuliana Nikolaeva, General Director of the company.

The company also receives support from the city authorities in the promotion of its products, including new items. Nattys is a member of the Moscow government program to support local brands made in moscow.rf.

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