News of the day: More than 300 billion rubles will be invested in the reorganization of territories in the north of Moscow – Yefimov – Expert.RU

As part of the integrated development of territories in the north of Moscow, 13 educational institutions will be built – schools and kindergartens. Investors will allocate more than 300 billion rubles for the reorganization of five industrial zones, said Moscow Vice Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.

“Six schools and seven kindergartens with an area of ​​at least 60,000 square meters, as well as modern production facilities and public and business facilities, will be built on five sites in the north of Moscow. Investors will invest 304 billion rubles in the reorganization of these territories. As a result, about 18.5 thousand new jobs will appear there,” Yefimov said and explained that these facilities will be built as part of the investors’ obligations for the integrated development of the territory.

More than 128 hectares will be allocated for new schools and kindergartens, said the Minister of the Government of Moscow, head of the department of city property Maxim Gaman.

“On the site of the former Avtomotornaya industrial zone in the Golovinsky district, which is the most ambitious project for the integrated development of territories at the moment, the investor will build two secondary schools and three kindergartens. On the remaining sites in Western Degunin, Koptev, Levoberezhny and Voikovsky districts, one school and one kindergarten will appear,” he said.

The integrated development of the territories allows the abandoned or inefficiently used lands of the city to be returned to circulation. The program will create about 550,000 new jobs. The total investment will amount to 7 trillion rubles, and about 3 trillion rubles will go to the budget.

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