News of the day: In honor of International Music Day, famous pianist Denis Matsuev will present the program “Both Classics and Jazz” at the State Kremlin Palace – Expert.RU

On October 2, the long-awaited concert of the legendary pianist, People’s Artist of Russia Denis Matsuev will take place on the stage of the Grand Hall of the State Kremlin Palace with the support of MR Group. The concert, timed to coincide with the centenary of Russian jazz and dedicated to International Music Day, will feature both classical melodies and jazz improvisations.

Dizzying jazz standards, including arrangements by the maestro himself, will also be performed by eminent musicians, friends of Denis Matsuev: Andrey Ivanov (double bass), Arkady Shilkloper (horn), Alexander Singer (drums), Ekaterina Mochalova (domra), Sofia Tyurina (saxophone) , Alexander Rublev (trumpet) and others.

The official partners of the concert will be the Symphony 34 and Paveletskaya City projects (implemented jointly with the Level Group), the concept of which is inextricably linked with art. Modern residential complexes not only create a new architectural image of the city, but actively participate in the support and development of iconic cultural institutions. A two-hour concert by Denis Matsuev on the main stage of the country will be a real treat for all music fans.

The name of Denis Matsuev is known to everyone, even those who have never been interested in art. He is called a piano genius, a bold innovator, a giant of classical music. The phenomenon of one of the most popular pianists of our time is in his inexhaustible energy, a rare combination of talent, charisma, generous charm and frantic ability to work. By universal recognition, the Russian pianist, who has become a world symbol of the standard piano playing, manages to convey the beauty and richness of music to every listener, regardless of age, education and musical training.

Do not miss the grand celebration of music performed by the best musicians in the world!

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