News of the day: Author’s lecture by Ildar Galeev “Vsevolod Petrov in the mirror of Leningrad culture” – Expert.RU

Ildar Galeev – Russian gallery owner, exhibition curator, art historian, art critic, publisher and art collector. expert on Russian art of the first half of the 20th century and founder and owner of the Galeev Gallery (2005). He is the author and compiler of about 40 publications on the work of Russian artists and photographers. The circle of interests of the Galeev Gallery includes “the discovery of previously unknown layers in the fine arts of the pre-war period.” Ildar Galeev closely cooperates with the Russian Museum, publishes albums and diaries of artists.

An outstanding Leningrad art critic Vsevolod Petrov, relatively recently discovered as a writer of the circle of Mikhail Kuzmin and the Oberiuts and the author of “Turdeyskaya Manon Lesko”. A student of Nikolai Punin, a friend of Daniil Kharms, a long-term employee of the Russian Museum, who was familiar with Leningrad artists and poets of different eras, styles and trends.

The lecture presents the personality and work of Vsevolod Petrov in the mirror and against the background of the Leningrad culture of the 20th century. Artists, poets, writers, actors, philosophers who surrounded Vsevolod Petrov: Akhmatova, Punin, Khardzhiev, Malich, Poret, Nemenova, Lapshin, Livshits, Zaltsman, Ermolaeva, Hildebrandt, Yurkun, Uspensky, Konashevich, Gollerbach, Voinov, Mitrokhin, Altman. All of them set in motion the wheel of the Leningrad artistic culture of the 20th century.

The lecture will take place at the Elena Kamburova Theatre. October 4 at 17.00.

The lecture is free, entrance by registration

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