News of the day: A video with the visit of Yevgeny Prigozhin to the volunteer training center appeared on the Web – Expert.RU

A video of the alleged visit of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin to one of the training centers for Russian volunteers has appeared on the Web.

During a visit to the center, a man who looked very much like Prigozhin held a meeting at which they discussed the preparation of personnel for combat missions.

“We now have a large influx of those who want to go, roughly speaking, to perform special tasks. To war. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the educational process in such a way as to train with high quality and minimize the loss of personnel so that everyone who is possible can be returned home safe and sound, ”he said during a conversation with the audience.

Sources of the Reverse Side of the Medal (RSOTM) Telegram channel, which regularly covers the activities of Wagner PMC and is the first published videotape, claim that Prigozhin’s alleged visit to the field camp took place at three in the morning. This, as noted, is due to the large number of tasks associated with the formation of new volunteer units.

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