News: Everything is own to the last screw: how oil and gas machine builders made money on sanctions – Expert

The International Congress “Transport and Construction”, which is taking place these days in Ufa, has united the largest manufacturers of equipment from Russia and Belarus on its site. One of the notable guests was Idel Neftemash LLC, formerly known as the Ishimbay Oilfield Equipment Plant (IZNPO). This production was the only oil and gas engineering enterprise of its kind in the territory of the former USSR, which was created for the production of mobile units.

The main activity of the company at the moment is the production of mobile units with a carrying capacity of 80 to 280 tons for maintenance and overhaul, as well as directly for drilling oil and gas wells. In addition, the company also produces components for drilling and lifting units.

In exclusive comments to Expert magazine, Evgeny Nikiforov, Executive Director of Idel Neftemash, and Farid Iskhakov, General Director, spoke about the plant’s products and explained why the sanctions had no effect on the enterprise.

According to Yevgeny Nikiforov, restrictive measures from the West and the EU not only did not affect Idel Neftemash LLC, but even played a plus.

“In our business, we are now planning contracts for 2-3 years in advance, demand is growing. And of course, this is also connected with Western companies. There are American and Chinese installations, they have not gone away, but the delivery time has increased dramatically. People wait and suffer for six months. Therefore, everyone is now looking in our direction, ”he said.

Evgeny Nikiforov drew attention to the fact that the production of installations at Idel Neftemash is completely localized, which eliminates problems with components that buyers of foreign equipment of this kind have. In turn, Farid Iskhakov stressed that the largest oil and gas companies of the Russian Federation have been buying equipment from Idel Neftemash LLC for a long time.

It should be noted that Idel Neftemash produces mobile drilling rigs Idel-80, Idel-100, Idel-125, Idel-140, Idel-160, Idel-180, Idel-200, Idel-250, Idel-270 on various chassis and semi-trailers, drilling swivel (VB-80, VB-100, VB-125, VB-140, VB-160, VB-200, VB-250), operational swivel (VE-80, VE-100), drilling rotor R -250 (hydraulic and mechanically driven), drilling rotor RU80×400, as well as rotary (drilling) bases, receiving walkways and bases for a mobile lifting unit of various modifications, movement systems for drilling rigs Idel-250 jack-up rigs.

Representatives of the company noticed that the main advantage of the plant’s products is its mobility. If a stationary station requires the involvement of about 10 additional units of equipment, then, for example, the Idel-80 unit with a load capacity of 80 tons will not have a single one. Such installations are on their way.

“From field to field, the unit moves under its own power, no equipment needs to be used, you can move along the public road. And for our installations with a carrying capacity of 270 tons, only 6 pieces of equipment are required. And I note that the installation of a rig with a minimum load capacity will take only a day, a maximum one – about two days until it is fully ready for drilling. And, of course, localization. We don’t have any pitfalls,” Evgeny Nikiforov concluded.

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