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The International Congress “Transport and Construction”, held in Ufa, impressed guests and participants with completely unique and, unfortunately, developments that have become extremely relevant in the current period of time.

– For some reason, everyone is used to the fact that drones are a propeller and the like. In fact, its value is in the equipment it carries, in the neurosystem, in the materials from which such equipment is made,” Denis Artamonov, Deputy General Director of Skycopter LLC, told Expert. – That is, in the process of creating a UAV, a whole system is formed. And what individual manufacturers do can be used in different areas, in particular, in the design of bulletproof vests, ”he said.

At its exhibition stand, Skycopter, in addition to unmanned aerial vehicles, demonstrated the developments of the “subsidiary” company RusArm, which produces personal protective equipment.

According to Denis Artamonov, the modern task of many types of businesses now is not so much competition as the acquisition of knowledge and competencies that allow them to benefit their country in various fields. For example, representatives of this company suddenly came up with a business idea to use the technologies available in unmanned aircraft to create body armor.

“And our bulletproof vests are already in use, they are working. Moreover, the creators of these protection tools modify them literally on the go – for certain tasks. Therefore, such a mission has become a certain development driver for our company, ”he stated, admitting that the body armor officially produced by the company, unfortunately, is still not certified, which does not prevent volunteers and volunteers from purchasing them privately, having first personally verified the quality products.

The “expert” contacted the active participants in the hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, and received confirmation that the means of protection of this company during the special operation are indeed sometimes used by those who are equipped with the help of “humanitarian workers” or on their own. According to them, the use of products of this kind from “private traders” on their own initiative is, in general, now a real trend due to the high demand for this means of protection, especially in volunteer units and in some units of the LDNR.

Bronik-transformer according to the front-line “fashion”

The commercial director and developer of RusArm, Alexander Sivkov, specified that the materials used in UAVs are used in their company’s new body armor as a lining, soft ballistic protection. Aramid fabric is used, which has a high resistance to shock and dynamic loads, which makes it possible to have a high power density with low weight.

“Aramid fabric is more elastic and does not lose its qualities during prolonged extension. At the same time, it is strong enough to protect against shrapnel wounds. In the current conflict in Ukraine, skirmishes occur less frequently than artillery and drones are used, and we have taken this into account. The fabric is laid out with tiles, so when one ammunition hits, it is destroyed in parts, and not the whole thing, ”the representative of the developer emphasized.

Special armor plates “RusArm” are located in front and behind body armor, they are designed to enhance the protective compositions of body armor. The main constituent elements are type-setting ceramics installed on a composite substrate made of a multilayer armide fabric or high molecular weight polyethylene. Armored elements do not lose their properties under dynamic loads and precipitation.

“In addition, we use modern fabrics, as they look good on the outside. Also, they do not shine in night vision devices due to special impregnation. We scan each delivery with modern imported devices, we got special equipment from America. By the way, we also check and shoot all the plates that are used in our troops. The safety of our customers is the most important thing,” Alexander Sivkov added.

In addition to the basic body armor, which has a low weight (protection area of ​​30.58 square decimeters) and is often used by those fighters who mainly move on vehicles, RusArm produced an assault or modular type of body armor with the highest protection class.

“It consists of a whole mass of modules, the protection area is 98.15 square decimeters. Accordingly, at the request of customers, bracers, extended hip protection and below are being finalized. Ballistic protection unfolds, protecting virtually the entire body, ”stated Alexander Sivkov.

Another unique development of the company was corset protection to distribute the weight of body armor. The developer noticed that when wearing protection, compression of the vertebrae often occurs, and intervertebral hernia occurs in military personnel.

“Initially, a similar corset was invented by one American company, but we took this idea and finalized it. When using the weight distribution system, up to 60% of the weight can be removed from the back. We also made the corset system so that when running, the bulletproof vest does not slip and does not create an imbalance, ”he said.

The company noticed that each body armor is being tested in elite special forces. “Now, due to the situation in Ukraine, the testing is even faster. We are making changes based on feedback. We are in the commercial market, and do not work on government orders, so we work directly with equipment users, and, of course, we have a real picture from them, ”he emphasized.

Now “RusArm” produces up to 100 body armor per month, while the company has begun to actively use outsourcing, attracting third-party production for sewing large batches according to the terms of reference.

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