New status in the League of Nations

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Footballers of the Kazakhstan national team beat Belarus in the League of Nations and secured the first place in the group, along with the promotion in the status of the tournament, Kazinform correspondent reports.

Farewell, Division C!

Before the match between the national teams of Kazakhstan and Belarus, the teams had a polar different standings, and, accordingly, prospects: our players, having won four victories in four matches, sensationally led the group with 10 points. The Belarusians, on the other hand, scored only two points, and therefore they needed the victory in the capital of Kazakhstan, like air, in order to at least maintain a residence permit in League C. Meanwhile, this season only the Belarusian team managed to take away points from the Kazakhs – in Minsk played in a draw 1:1.

Having defeated the Belarusians in Astana, the players of the Kazakhstan national team staked out the first place in the C-3 group, now no one can move our athletes off the podium. There is one round left until the end of the group stage, teams from Slovakia and Azerbaijan will fight for the second place in the group. Azerbaijanis in Baku will have to defeat the leader of the group – that is, the national team of Kazakhstan. Magomed Adiev may well experiment with the squad, giving the leading players a rest, and calmly prepare for the next season. If the Azerbaijanis still manage to inflict the first defeat on Kazakhstan, then the Slovakian team will not be able to catch up with them, even if they win over the Belarusians in Bratislava. As for the latter, our neighbors will have to fight other outsiders of the C division in the play-offs, and in case of failure, they will have to migrate to the D division, to such teams as Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta and other teams from countries referred to in football as “European dwarfs” “. Let’s still hope that the “white wings”, as they were nicknamed by the fans, will be able to stay in the division. Speaking about possible rivals, in the joints the Belarusians will have to fight with one of the following national teams – Lithuania, Gibraltar (which also lost the chance to take even third place in the group), or with someone from the duet of Northern Ireland and Kosovo, which in two the remaining rounds they will try to stay on the third line.

Who will wait for the Kazakhs in Division B

This season, Division B consists of the following teams: Scotland, Ukraine, Ireland, Armenia, Iceland, Israel, Albania, Bosnia, Finland, Romania, Montenegro, Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia. However, this composition will change significantly by the next season – this is how the League of Nations works. The winners of the groups will be promoted to division A, the teams that take fourth places will “fall through” to the division with a lower status.

So far, it is known for certain that in the process of moving to Division B, Turkey will be in the company of Kazakhstanis, which also staked out the first place in the group. In the remaining two groups of division C, Greece will compete with Kosovo, as well as Georgia, North Macedonia and Bulgaria for the opportunity to upgrade their status in the tournament. Therefore, one of these teams will also enter Division B together with Kazakhstan. As for the current participants in Division B, it is not yet possible to predict exactly, since two rounds before the end, there is a fierce struggle in almost all groups, and the leader, as and an outsider, can change.

In addition, we must not forget that several teams from Division A will go down to Division B, which will not be able to rise above fourth place. So far, it is more likely that it will be the teams of Austria, Switzerland, England and Wales. The teams of France and Poland can exchange places with them in theory. But again, in some groups the situation may change, and therefore everyone will show the remaining two rounds.

In any case, the current success of the Kazakhstan national football team can be considered historical. Firstly, our team secured the lead one round before the end of the tournament. Secondly, the national team of Kazakhstan for the first time in its history and in the history of the League of Nations will play in Division B of the tournament. In addition, yesterday’s victory over the Belarusians is also the first in our history, we have not yet been able to defeat these neighbors. Who would not become a rival of our team, it will definitely be a strong team. But now, looking at the game of our football players, who have stopped playing with an eye on their own goals and always try to play from a position of strength, one can look with optimism into the football future of the country.

Kazakhstanis won football players of Belarus with a score of 2-1 and advanced to League “B” of the League of Nations. head of state congratulated athletes. UEFA official website too reacted for the victory of the Kazakh team over Belarus.


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