new package of EU sanctions may concern restrictions on oil and IT

Russian flag and oil

A new package of EU sanctions against Russia due to the events in Ukraine may relate to limiting oil prices, information technology and cybersecurity. In addition, new individuals may be included in the sanctions list.

According to the publication, the next package of sanctions, already the eighth in a row, will be officially proposed for consideration after meetings of European Commission officials with representatives of EU member states, which begin on Friday, September 23.

Poland and the Baltic countries demand new tough measures against Russia, writes September 23 Financial Times. In particular, they advocate that even more Russian banks be disconnected from the SWIFT system. In addition, they support a ban on diamond imports. Countries are calling for these restrictions to be introduced not only against Russia, but also against Belarus.

EU sanctions against Russia will remain in place until the country’s economy collapses, stated former head of the European Commission. Moreover, new proposals for restrictive measures for Moscow are being prepared, she added.

The head of European diplomacy, in turn, said that the EU countries would introduce new restrictions against Russia as soon as possible because of the referendums in the Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. According to him, the sanctions will be both individual and affecting entire sectors of the Russian economy.

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