Names, names and names | Siemens to double size here in 5 years, “nearshoring” support and advance to double digits – El Sol de México

If we talk about global companies, a mainstay that does not require introductions is Siemens with 128 years of history in Mexico.

Founded by Werner von Siemens, the consortium that commands Roland Bushwith a presence in more than 200 countries, 200,000 employees and a turnover of 70,000 million euros, has the theme of innovation in its DNA.

Only in this way can it support thousands of industrial companies in their automation and digitization of processes, the electrification of buildings and cities, the improvement of mobility or something as nodal as health.

With his 175-year-old expertise, he did not have to shake hands during the pandemic. He was simply a nodal actor for the pharmaceutical field in the management of millions of vaccines.

Here under the command of Alexander Preinfalk 51-year-old executive, 29 at Siemens, was also able to grow in double digits. It is not accidental. With industrial development, in Mexico it has an important export point from its 5 factories in Cd Juárez, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Querétaro and CDMX.

It has ties to many industries such as automotive, food and beverage, aviation, transportation, chemical, pharmaceutical, security, mining, to name a few. In May, it announced the investment of 683 million pesos for a new plastic injection factory in NL, in addition to the hiring of 1,600 employees.

Of course, the president’s public energy policies Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador perhaps there are fewer opportunities, especially since the German consortium is very committed to clean energy. There is a goal of eliminating C02 emissions by 2030 in its production processes.

Preinfalk makes it clear, however, that his commitment to the country is long-term; beyond the government, Siemens must focus as a “positive partner”, he remarks.

In his perspective, Mexico will continue its progress due to the demographic bonus, its proximity to the US and trade agreements. Right now “nearshoring” will also contribute, especially the industrial talent that is available.

In addition, there is everything to go in electrification, mobility, infrastructure, digitalization and in the automotive industry, where Mexico is the 7th global producer.

Preinfalk does not hesitate to predict further growth for Siemens in the country. In fact, in their plans, the size of the firm should double in the next 5 years. So deep-rooted commitment.


Although the CCE of Francis Cervantes achieved the implementation of an industrial policy by Economy that has Tatiana Clouthier, the document is not very different from the recipes that have been reviewed for decades. In addition, it lacks tools, including fiscal incentives and financing commitments. Wow, from the weak presentation it was clear AMLO’s little interest, who was not even there. Either Rogelio Ramirez de la O. Not a mention in the morning. although yesterday Gabriel Yorio sought to recompose, at the ceremony he said that there is no contemplated support. There is disenchantment in business organizations. Again a lot of work and meager harvest.


Inflation once again exceeded expectations. In the first half of September it rose 0.41% (0.37% expected) and the annual rate climbed to 8.27%. Clearly the pressures have not ended, especially if the resistance in the underlying component is observed. Hence the blackmail of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to large corporations. There is no price control, but there is public coercion. Maseca had to give in and John Gonzalez promised not to raise prices until February. Yesterday the market punished the issuer with a drop of 2.35% of the stock, which in itself is not at its best.

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