More than 300 million tenge of damage was caused by fires in North Kazakhstan region

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM – Since the beginning of the year, 486 fires have been registered in the North Kazakhstan region, in which 33 people died, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to Aslan Akhmetzhanov, head of the state fire control department, the decrease in the number of deaths in the fire is insignificant – 11%, compared to last year. 15 people were injured from carbon monoxide. This year there were no casualties. In 2021, carbon monoxide killed six people.

Material damage from fires increased significantly – up to 325 million tenge, or by 73%.

“75% of fires occur in the residential sector. The main reasons for their occurrence are violations of the rules for the installation and technical operation of electrical equipment, fire safety during the installation and operation of furnaces and careless handling of fire,” Aslan Akhmetzhanov said at a briefing in the regional communications service.

Firefighters, along with police officers and volunteers, go around the residential sector, hand out leaflets, warn, and explain. 967 smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed in the homes of socially vulnerable segments of the population, and another 453 are planned to be installed.

“Registered 33 forest fires. Of these, eight occurred in the area. M. Zhumabaeva. According to statistics, fires often occur in the summer due to the fault of the owners of private houses, who carelessly handle fire, violate fire safety rules when storing hay. It is often stored next to residential buildings, bathhouses and other outbuildings,” added Aslan Akhmetzhanov.

He recalled that on the eve of the heating season, a month of fire safety is being held in the region.

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