mobilization in Russia forced the EU to accelerate with the “ceiling” of oil prices

EU oil market
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The announcement in Russia of partial mobilization into the ranks of the Armed Forces revived the discussion in the European Union of a price limit for Russian oil. This was told by sources familiar with the course of the discussion.

How informs According to Bloomberg, EU members are striving to conclude a political agreement within a few weeks that would allow introducing a “ceiling” on prices for Russian oil.

Informed sources claim that Europe redoubled efforts in this direction after the Russian authorities announced a partial mobilization. It is possible that the price limit for Russian oil supplies will be included in the next package of EU sanctions against Russia, which will be proposed by the European Commission.

The discussion of new restrictions is expected to take place on September 24 and 25 within the framework of meetings between representatives of EU member states and officials of the European Commission.

The United States and allies planned to introduce a limit on the cost of Russian oil by December 5. The United States Treasury stated that “ceiling” of prices for Russian oil it is supposed to fix below the market level, but above the cost price. The authors of this idea expect that such a price level will solve two problems at once: it will keep Russia motivated to continue deliveries, but will significantly reduce the country’s income.

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