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A Cablebús cabin and a new Metro Collective Transportation System (STC) train will be exhibited in front of the Monument to the Revolution, as part of the exhibition on integrated mobility projects in Mexico City.

At a press conference, the Secretary of Mobility, Andrés Lajous, reported that the exhibition begins this Thursday and will end until next Sunday, in order to “that citizens know the advances in terms of mobility”.

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“We have started a process of integrating the entire Integrated Mobility Network, an example of this is the use of the Integrated Mobility Card (TMI) in various modes of transport, all those offered by the city, and in six concession transport corridors , which begin to operate with the card.

“Remember that in 2021 the two longest cable car lines in the world were inaugurated and where more than 43 million trips have been made to date. As part of this exhibition, we will have a Cablebús booth at the Monument to the Revolution”, said the Secretary of Mobility.

The director of the STC Metro, Guillermo Calderón, reported that a level track was installed in front of the Monument to the Revolution to mount the new train, which is part of the 29 convoys that will circulate on Line 1. And he pointed out that the cars are already in the El Rosario workshop.

“A track was placed for display, a level track on this Avenida de la República. Right now we are precisely assembling the trains that will be in the top-of-the-series train.

“A train has nine cars, nine cars, but for reasons of the exhibition we are going to carry the two end cabins and an intermediate car, for merely demonstrative purposes, we will be there exhibiting it with the other means of transport from tomorrow, Thursday until Sunday. ”, said the director of the Metro.

According to the head of the STC Metro, the 29 new trains will be of higher technology, will consume 30 percent less energy, will be interconnected by a continuous corridor, and will have a capacity to transport two thousand 252 users.

Advances in mobility stand out

Within the framework of World Car Free Day, the Secretary of Mobility indicated that, in addition to the Cablebús and the renovation of Line 1 of the Metro, they have also renewed the Trolleybus and Electric Transport Network (RTP) units, as well as six concession public transport corridors.

“In the case of the trolleybuses, we are a few weeks away from the arrival of the 100 additional units to the purchases that had already been made of 200 units. And not only that, in the case of the Elevated Trolleybus, 17 of the units will be operated by private concessionaires (…) we are talking about 318 new trolleybuses”, Andres Lajous specified.

He also recalled the renewal of Ecobici, which will go from 480 cycle stations to 600 and from 6,500 bicycles to 9,000, and will reach three new mayors’ offices, Coyoacán, Álvaro Obregón and Azcapotzalco, for next year.

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“This year the renovation of the 480 Ecobici stations concludes, the renovation calendar remains the same in terms of the conclusion in December of the renovation of 480 stations and 6 thousand new bicycles; and, as previously reported, in 2023, that is, from January the installation begins in Coyoacán, Álvaro Obregón and Azcapotzalco to reach 9 thousand bicycles and almost 600 Ecobici stations”, Indian.

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