Mitikah shopping center opens its doors amid protests from residents of Xoco

Residents of the town of Xoco blocked Avenida Río Churubusco in protest at the construction of the Mitikah mega project, which consists of two skyscrapers, a 23-story building and a shopping center.

Around 3:00 p.m., a group of 15 neighbors blocked the side of Río Churubusco, in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, to later demonstrate in front of the shopping center, which opened its doors this Friday.

The project consists of two 65-story towers, a 23-story building and a five-story shopping center with capacity for 280 stores.

“Massacre in Xoco by voracious real estate agents”; “We defend territories for life”; “Mitikah ecocida, pueblo de Xoco resiste”, were the legends printed on blankets carried by protesters during the blockade.

Since 2015, when the project began, the neighbors have rejected its construction because it will bring about a shortage of water and a reduction in green areas, since it required the felling of trees; however, the work continued.

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