Mishustin named the key features of the budget for the next three years – ExpertRU

The draft federal budget for 2023-2025 guarantees the fulfillment of all social obligations of the state to the people. It is planned to allocate 3 trillion rubles annually for the implementation of national projects, the expenses of the CHI Fund will exceed the volumes of the current year by more than 10%. During the entire period, the budget will be in deficit, the main source of its coverage will be government borrowing, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a government meeting.

“We expect total revenues in 2023 to be over 26.13 trillion rubles. In nominal terms, this is less than this year, but significantly more than in the previous year, when the economy was affected by the processes associated with the coronavirus. Expenses will increase slightly compared to this year, to 29.56 trillion rubles. Throughout the period, the budget will be in deficit. The main source of its coverage will be government borrowing, ”Mishustin’s press service quotes.

According to the Prime Minister, the budget provides the necessary funds to provide free medical care throughout the country. The expenditures of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (OMI) are planned in volumes exceeding the level of the current year by more than 10%. Mishustin also announced the decision to increase funding for regional hospitals and clinics, to allocate significant amounts for in-depth medical examinations and the development of rehabilitation programs. According to him, state investments in the provision of high-tech treatment, including in federal clinics, will also grow.

“A balanced budget policy will be pursued with a level of government spending sufficient to maintain domestic demand. By 2024, economic growth should be above 2%,” Mishustin stressed.

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