Migrants die off Syrian coast

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – At least 71 people died as a result of the crash of a ship with migrants, Kazinform reports with reference to euronews.

About 150 migrants were on board the wreck, authorities said 21 people had been rescued, reports Deutsche Welle .

According to the authorities, the ship, carrying up to 150 migrants, sailed from Lebanon and sank on Thursday near the Syrian port of Tartus. The search and rescue operation continues.

According to Syrian media, the ship left Lebanon on September 20. On board were citizens of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, as well as people with unknown citizenship. According to one of the survivors, the number of passengers was about 150 people.

“They wanted to get to Europe, they want to leave Lebanon because the living conditions are unbearable,” a relative of one of the surviving passengers told dpa. According to the latest information, 21 people were saved, the rescue operation continues.

The UN reported that over the past three years, more than 1,500 Lebanese have tried to get by sea to the shores of Europe.

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