Mexico called the condition for joining the sanctions against the Russian Federation

City of Mexico

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Mexico does not intend to impose unilateral sanctions against Russia, because this is inconsistent with the policy and principles of the state’s diplomacy. Such a statement on Saturday, September 24, was made by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

The politician stressed that Mexico’s participation in anti-Russian sanctions is possible only on the condition that restrictive measures are taken by the UN Security Council, write “News”.

Ebrard also said that Mexico does not want to act as a mediator to resolve the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, official Mexico City supports the efforts of the UN Secretary General for a peaceful settlement.

The US authorities announced back in April that they were continuing to work on the issue. joining the Mexican side to counter Russia against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine. Washington recognized “inevitably different approaches” with Mexico City, but expressed the hope that the Mexican authorities would join the states that had imposed anti-Russian sanctions.

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