Mexicans who were left without a World Cup due to a technical decision: Santi Giménez would join the list

Gerardo Martino was anticipated. The daddy He knows that soon he will have to cut his list to only have 26 players. Those who are going to world Cup. Santiago Gimenez may not attend Qatar 2022 despite being above the public taste of Roger Funes Mori and even Raul Jimenez.

The striker of Feyenoord It is the one that brings the best rhythm, however, its place is not assured. Santi can enter a list in which years ago they were Cuauhtemoc Whitedeleted by Ricardo La Volpe to go to world of Germany 2006, James Lush in the same tournament or Joseph Anthony Noriegabrushed by Javier Aguirre in KoreaJapan 2002years ago Miguel blacksmith stayed out of the Cup of the world of state United 1994. Martin knows it. Injustice can appear.

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Cuauhtemoc Blanco – Germany 2006

In case of Cuauhtemoc Blanco is the most remembered and that still hurts people. Ricardo La Volpe did not want to take the player from America to the world Cup of Germany 2006. The personal friction between the two had an impact on his call, however, the Bigotón external years later it wasn’t about that, it was just his idea soccer.

“For me he was a great player, but he didn’t fit into my system. So that was a collective effort, a team effort. I could have made a mistake in not taking Cuauhtémoc, but I took the best with a system to play against teams like Argentina”, Ricardo declared in the En Conexión program.

The fans insistently asked for Blanco, but The Volpe never changed his mind. The wow was left without going to Cup of World.

Jaime Lozano – Germany 2006

In that same World Cup, Bigotón surprisingly left out of his list Jaime Lozano. Jimmy was a mainstay in the tie, he was even the second best scorer in the process only behind Jared Borgetti. Jaime scored 11 goals, a high number to be a side. Lozano scored doubles against Dominica, Saint Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago and Costa Rica.

Ricardo La Volpe gave his list for the World Cup and the then Tigres player did not appear, his left backs were Gonzalo Pineda and Andrés Guardado.

José Antonio Noriega – Korea-Japan 2002

La Volpe isn’t the only one brushing players that people asked for. Javier Aguirre is also on the list. Vasco arrived as a firefighter to classify Mexico to the world of KoreaJapan 2002. Aguirre He won the affection of the people, however, many do not forgive him for having left out of the Cup of World a Joseph Anthony Norway.

The Tato was the engine of Monarchs Morelia in the local league and in the Libertadores Cup. Norway scored 11 goals in the tournament intercontinentalbut not even that helped him to be considered by Aguirre.

Miguel Herrera – United States 1994

El Piojo Herrera had a respectable career, his best moment was with Atlante in the early 90s. The rudeness with which he played, the impetus, the character, took him to the Tricolor. Miguel he was champion with the Iron Colts in 1993 and that same year he attended the America’s Cup of Ecuador. Mexico it was runner-up with Miguel Mejia Baron in front.

Herrera played as a right back, his place was safe for the USA World Cup 1994, however, his outbursts betrayed him. Miguel had two violent episodes that led Mejía Barón not to take him to the World Cup. El Piojo received a red card in a game against Honduras and then kicked some fans at the León stadium while he was giving an interview.

Barón commented years later that “everything he did wrong I had warned him, I told him Miguel you’re out, I’m not going to use you because you lose your mind,” revealed the Doc.

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