Meteorologist Tishkovets spoke about the calm before the storm in Moscow and the Moscow region

You can forget about Indian summer in Moscow and the Moscow region, and today and on Saturday night in the region – the calm before the storm. On Friday, September 23, Evgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist of the Phobos Center, spoke about this in an interview with Profile.

“Today in Moscow and the Moscow region, the calm before the storm. The sky is gloomy and light rain may splash in some places. The maximum temperature is plus 13-15 ° C, which is normal. Cloudy weather is expected on Saturday night, while without precipitation and freshen up to plus 8 ° C. But in the coming weekend, heavy rains will fall on central Russia, which were not there in these days of September at least in the entire post-war history.Giant cyclonic depression of Balkan origin, saturated over the next day with Black Sea moisture and heat, will intensify, and all baric the armada will move along an ornate trajectory in the form of a half-loop with a course first to the shores of the Middle Volga. On Saturday afternoon, the whirlwind will turn to the northwest and come out exactly on the capital region,” he said.

According to the meteorologist, Moscow will be in the heart of the atmospheric vortex. On Saturday morning, heavy rains will begin, which, without stopping, will “pour like a wall for 36 hours.” On September 24 alone, up to 27 mm of precipitation will fall, another 25 mm will fall on September 25. Over the weekend, three-quarters of the expected climatic norm for the entire autumn month will fall, which is equivalent to “five buckets of rainwater per square meter,” the meteorologist added.

“According to meteorological statistics, September 24 this year may become the rainiest day since at least 1948. The previous record has been held since 1953, when meteorologists at the VDNH base meteorological station recorded 22 mm of precipitation. Apparently, September 25 will also become record wet,” he stressed. Tishkovets.

On Sunday, the thermometer during the daytime will show plus 9°C. However, in conditions of 100% humidity, it will seem that it is colder outside and October has come, he said.

“At the beginning of next week, the bad weather will weaken and get a little warmer. There will be no Indian summer yet, forget it,” the specialist summed up.

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