Man runs away from his girlfriend after marriage proposal [Video] – The Sun of Mexico

The marriage proposal is the biggest step that exists in any courtship and making it special and unforgettable is of the utmost importance.

However, for a young woman that day became her worst nightmare when she decided to propose to her boyfriend in Rome without suspecting that he was not contemplating getting married in the future.

A TikTok video released the painful moment when the girl kneels down and proposes to the one we now assume is her ex-partner.

After the question, the young man is surprised and does everything possible to get her up so that she does not continue with the “romantic act”, but the girl does not give in and waits for him to answer her question but the unexpected happens.

The boy, seeing that he cannot get up, runs away and leaves her alone in front of the coliseum, while the young woman was left in shock trying to process what had just happened.

For their part, the women who were among the spectators of the sad scene did not hesitate to approach to offer their support and comfort her.

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Subsequently, the moment ended up being shared on social networks and went viral, which triggered various opinions, especially for those who think that a marriage proposal should correspond only to men, because throughout history this has been the tradition. .

And you, what do you think of this moment?

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