Main events of the day, September 23

Ministry of Internal Affairs reported about 50 thousand participants of the action in support of referendums

On Friday, September 23, an action-concert “We don’t abandon our own” was held on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow in support of referendums in the DPR and LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions on joining the Russian Federation. The Central Internal Affairs Directorate for Moscow reported that about 50,000 people were taking part in the action. Deputy Secretary of the United Russia General Council Anna Kuznetsova, leaders of political parties spoke at the action. Yulia Chicherina and Alexander Sklyar sang at the action. Actors Vladimir Mashkov and Igor Petrenko made speeches, informs RBC.

In Russia, from December 1, utility bills will be raised again

The government of the Russian Federation decided reschedule tariff indexation housing and communal services (HCS) for the population from July 1, 2023 to December 1, 2022. The price change will affect cold and hot water, heat, gas, electricity and municipal solid waste disposal. The maximum level of tariff increase will not exceed 9%, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation reported.

Kadyrov appealed to deviators from partial mobilization

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, addressed the deviators from partial mobilization, calling them cowards and traitors.
“You can come up with a fairy tale that you are alien to the idea of ​​​​war and the concept of weapons, or that you simply do not accept violence. But know that you are just a coward, a traitor and a second-class person,” wrote Kadyrov in the Telegram channel. According to him, when a draft dodger needs the state, he is “a citizen with a capital C, demanding observance” of his rights.

Hungary will continue issuing visas to Russians

Hungary does not intend to stop issuing Schengen visas to Russians, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó said on Friday. The head of the Foreign Ministry added that we are talking about Schengen visas, including multiple ones. “The issue of visas is an issue within the framework of the Schengen agreements. Member countries have a procedure for how to do this. There was no decision that we should stop issuing Schengen visas to Russians,” he said. transmits TASS.

A project on credit holidays for participants in a special operation was submitted to the State Duma

State Duma deputies will soon consider a bill on credit holidays for participants in a special operation in Ukraine. It proposes to suspend payments to the military on consumer and housing loans for the duration of the service or to reduce the amount of payments for this period. The document specifies that the lender will have to consider the borrower’s claim within a period of no more than five days. If the borrower does not receive a response from the bank within 10 days, the grace period is set automatically from the date of sending such a request, notes “Kommersant”.

Refusal to mobilize will not be grounds for applying for asylum in Finland

Finnish authorities in the coming days intend to ban citizens of Russia to enter the republic for tourist purposes on any Schengen visas, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country Pekka Haavisto. “All those who cross the border for the purpose of tourism are prohibited from entering the country,” he said. Haavisto specified that the ban will affect Russians traveling on Schengen visas issued by Finland, as well as Russian tourists who have received visas to other EU countries. The head of the Foreign Ministry stressed that the refusal to perform military service in the Russian army is not a basis for applying for asylum.

In the LPR and DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, referendums on joining the Russian Federation started

In the Lugansk People’s Republic, the voter turnout on the first day of the referendum at 20:00 Moscow time was 21.97%, said Elena Kravchenko, chairman of the republic’s CEC. She clarified that a total of 298,900 people voted in the LPR. In the DPR, the turnout at the end of the first day was 23.64%, in the Zaporozhye region – 20.52%, in the Kherson region – 15.31% of the total voter list. At the same time, there were no obvious violations at the polling stations either. informs RIA News.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation clarified the categories of citizens not subject to mobilization

Partial mobilization in the Russian Federation will not affect certain categories workers in the IT sector and the media, follows from the message of the Ministry of Defense. IT-specialists who have received a refusal to defer mobilization should contact the Ministry of Digital Development. In addition, the mobilization will not affect students undergoing primary education in universities, however, part-time students may be called up.

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