Macron says he can’t explain Putin’s actions in Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron


French President Emmanuel Macron cannot give a rational explanation for the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. He stated this in an interview CNNanswering a question about the motives of the President of Russia.

“I don’t have a rational explanation. It seems to me that this is a combination of resentment, a strategy of hegemony in the region and, I would say, the consequences of COVID-19, isolation,” Macron said. In his opinion, the decision to carry out partial mobilization in Russia is a “mistake” and a missed opportunity to “take the path of peace.”

Macron had previously said that France was aggressively stands for peace. He also added that he did not stop the dialogue with the Russian Federation even before the start of the conflict in Ukraine, “supported it in recent months and intends to continue.”

In addition, the politician emphasized the importance of the role of France in the settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The French leader noted that this is especially important, since the presidents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine do not communicate directly with each other.

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