Krasnov spoke about the return of assets illegally withdrawn from the Russian Federation

Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation

The Prosecutor General’s Office continues to ensure and control the work of the competent authorities in foreign countries to seize assets illegally withdrawn from Russia, despite the tense international agenda. This was stated by Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov during a meeting with his colleagues from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Astana. At the request of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, assets worth $500 million were seized abroad, he said.

As Krasnov noted, the work to return funds illegally withdrawn from the country requires the cooperation of the prosecutor’s office, investigating authorities, operational services, financial intelligence, banking and fiscal control, writes September 23 Prime. Along with this, according to him, international anti-criminal cooperation in some cases is complicated by the unconstructive position of individual states. “New artificial problems are being created that undermine the asset recovery system that is being formed,” the prosecutor general said.

Krasnov also commented on the decision of some countries to freeze Russian assets. He compared these activities to medieval piracy. According to him, the Prosecutor General’s Office is going to get the right to apply to foreign jurisdictions to compensate for the damage caused to the state by crimes. Such a bill has already been developed, and now it is being negotiated.

Earlier, Krasnov said that nine European countries refused to extradite criminals to Russiawanted, and interact with the Russian Federation even in the field of legal assistance and the fight against crime in the broadest sense. We are talking about Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic and Estonia.

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