Kostanay stole gold jewelry worth 1 million tenge

KOSTANAY.KAZINFORM Kostanay policemen uncovered the thefts of jewelry worth one million tenge, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the police department of the Kostanay region, statements about the theft of gold items were received by the police department of the city of Kostanay from three owners of shops and boutiques at once.

“All the crimes were committed according to the same scenario. An unknown man asked to show him gold jewelry, took a long time to choose, asked to bring other models of rings and earrings, and when the seller was distracted, he quietly stole the items. Then, refusing to buy, he left boutiques and retail outlets. When the seller began to fold the goods, the loss was invariably discovered, ”the ministry said.

According to these facts, a pre-trial investigation was launched under the article “Theft” of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the operationalinvestigative measures, the police detained a 26-year-old resident of the regional center, from whom material evidence was confiscated.

“The suspect was caught red-handed while trying to commit theft in another jewelry boutique. His involvement in the commission of similar crimes is currently being verified,” the police added.

The total damage amounted to more than 1 million tenge.


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