Kazakhstan cannot restrict the entry of Russians, but will not provide a residence permit without the consent of the Russian Federation


Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan cannot be closed for Russian citizens, but they will be able to obtain a residence permit only upon presentation of a departure sheet and other necessary documents. According to Kazakhstani legislation, those who left their native state without the permission of the authorities are not entitled to a residence permit in this country.

This was announced on Thursday, September 22, by Maulen Ashimbaev, Speaker of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan. According to him, if the Russians want to come for some business, stay and then leave, no questions should arise in this regard, there are no restrictions. But a residence permit requires Russian citizens to provide relevant documents, transmits RIA News.

“Among these documents there is a clause on the consent of the state from which the person is leaving. Our laws clearly indicate such a clause. If the state does not give permission to a citizen to leave, but somehow he left, Kazakhstan cannot give him a residence permit,” explained Ashimbaev.

The consent of the country is a departure sheet. It must have the appropriate stamps and signatures.

The speaker of the Senate stressed that Kazakhstan is monitoring the situation after the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia. However, he refused to evaluate this decision.

After the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, information appeared on social networks about an allegedly increased migration flow of Russian citizens to other countries, including Kazakhstan. In Latvia, for example, they have already refused to issue visas to Russians who evade mobilization.

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