Karime marries and makes her last appearance in Acapulco Shore

In the paradisiacal Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, in this 2022 the holidays 30 days from reality show Acapulco Shore in its 10th season, with Karime, The MatryoshkaFernando, Eduardo the chiliLuis jawy, Alba and Jackie, who welcome the new members, Eli, Andrés, Abel, Ricardo and Sebastián. The 11 promise days and nights of “fire, passion (heat), chaos”, as the season’s slogan says.

Guillermo Reyna, Director of Communication of Paramount+was the presenter of the girls and Boys of the party, which has its premiere on Tuesday 27, at 10:00 p.m. “If in the previous nine seasons they were trios, today it is the pack and sexual orgies massive. In the past there was bullying, now they are bedridden fantasies and even on a ship being pirates fortune hunters”, Karime advanced, The Matryoshka.

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Karime Pindter says goodbye with the tenth edition of here shore Well, true love caught her and she marries, in 2023. “They came to me at the price, no, no… The truth is a divine man. I am committed. She was supposed to marry me this year, but it will be in 2023, because of all the projects I have to finish. Well, nothing to enjoy my new marital status. There will be a bodorrio. Everyone is invited. We broadcast them live. The degenerate will be incredible. Let’s see what happens, like I still don’t believe it, “she said.

The Matryoshka the details of their experiences in the new chapters: “These vacations are hilarious in Puerto Vallarta. my friend returned jawy, new characters were incorporated, incredible top-level alcoholics, there are black belts. I arrive rocked but without limits and every moment is incredible, I enjoyed it as if it were the last and yes it is real, for me it will be the last, ”she confided in the digital conference.

Edward, the Chili thanked the warmth of Puerto Vallarta, where they could go out to the clubs and out to sea by boat, for which he earned the nickname of papuchoman, “I made insolence and I went too far as usual. Many surprises come, there were strangers who passed by and the new members, we had a lot of fun. We went from being funny to the maximum.”

Alba, originally from Puerto Vallarta, also intervened: “I was excited when they told us. The party is badass and it is a place where everyone, everyone and everyone is welcome”.

Jawy El Casanova, announced that “I crowned the lap again, I am happy to meet the new ones. After two years that I was not in seasons 8 and 9. On my return I will have a slight clash with the jawy from before and with the one from now, because before they knew how to do things and now they are different, they are vacations with good friends because the new ones arrived with the armored liver, throw a party, throw the house out the window. We all connect well. We had an incredible time, with many changes, mature but the essence remains shore forever”.

By intervening in the digital conference Fernanda affirms that the real Fer came out, “toxic, crazy, jealous, weird. One who did not expect everyone to know her and they put several guests that she did not want and well, you will know what happened.

Eli, when talking about his first experience in this 10 season. He stated that if he found him different from others reality that he has lived, that it has been one of the best and craziest vacations.

Andrew, is from CdMx, resides in cancun, “My thing is the beach, Caribbean life. I am very happy to be able to join the Shore family. The most important thing is that people have fun.

Jackie in her speech, made it known that “I lived my great whoredom because I don’t even control alcohol. I arrive wanting everything, in my mouth there is no no, but in my mouth everything”.

the new royal Ricky 24 years old. He said he was very funny, although he does not like to be compared with Javi from previous seasons and you say to yourself, “I’m different physically and emotionally. I don’t see any resemblance to him.”

Abel, a new member, is from Hermosillo, Sonora; he vacations in Puerto Vallarta and expressed “I brought a lot of beers and I put them in for no reason. They had the northern touch of my region”.

Sebastián, self-appointed the drunk of the house, assured: “I left with kidney and prostate pain from so much beer. I met many friends and it is the best thing that I take with me”.

Karime the Matryoshkain his last season he talks about the changes he has felt in the new episodes:

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“10 seasons I’ve changed my body it’s obvious, I’m getting better and better. Obvious the cast and the way of thinking, before there was bullying. Now it is more open, more LGTBIQ+. It’s getting more and more cool, better destinations like home. More and more degenerate, we are more and more crazy. Before it was threesomes, now massive orgies. Yes it has changed, but it is still the essence shore”.

Acapulco Shore the Mexican reality show in its 10th season, with its guests Karime La Matrioshka, Fernanda, Eduardo Chile, Luis Jawy, Alba, Jackie, Eli, Andrés, Abel, Ricardo and Sebastián. The premiere from Tuesday 27 by streaming platforms MTV and Paramount+at 10:00 p.m., Mexico.

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