Judge determines that the accusation against former mayor of Cuernavaca for embezzlement is legal

In a hearing to formulate charges against the former mayor of Cuernavaca, Antonio “N”the judge ruled legal the accusation against him and other officials of the past municipal administration.

In this hearing, former mayor Antonio “N”, the former director of the Potable Water and Sewage System of Cuernavaca (SAPAC)Fernando “N” and former councilor Anayeli “N” were charged with the crimes of embezzlement and improper exercise of public service.

Similarly, the date for the process bond hearing was set for September 28.

It should be remembered that last Monday, July 4, this hearing was scheduled to take place, however, the judge decided to defer it, which would take place in the courts located in Atlacholoaya.

At that time, no new date was given and it was decided by the court to defer the hearing where the former mayor would be present as well as former members of the Governing Board of the Cuernavaca Potable Water Operating System (SAPAC)where it was noted that no other related persons had been notified.

Likewise, in the case of Fernando “N”, former head of the Potable Water and Sewage System of Cuernavacaa change in his defense was requested, so it was determined that his indictment formulation hearing will take place in the next few days.

note published in The Sun of Cuernavaca

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