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Camille Vasquez became all celebrity after defend actor Johnny Depp in the defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

His defense conquered all the actor’s followers, who thanked him for his work, as he managed to vindicate Depp and win a part of the legal process. In addition, her popularity increased due to the connection that was born between her and the famous Hollywood artist where they were seen very close and one could even say, affectionate with each other.

The behavior of both led the public to think that there could even be something more than a friendship between them, however, it seems that Johnny’s heart belongs to another lawyer.

Who is Johnny Depp’s girlfriend?

According to close sources cited by People magazine and Fox News, the artist is dating Joelle Rich, the lawyer who participated in his defense during the other defamation trial he had against the tabloid The Sun in the United Kingdom last year.

Although Rich was part of the interpreter’s defense in the British litigation, he did not work in the last trial held in the US, where Camille was the one in charge.

Even so, the lawyer accompanied Depp during the oral hearings held in Fairfax, and was seen talking to the actor or smoking in the vicinity of the court and the hotel where he was staying.

Rich, 59, works for the Schillings law firm, and in turn is divorcing her husband and father of her two children.

They release a documentary about the trial of Johnny vs. Amber

This September 20, HBO Max released the new documentary Johnny vs. Amber: The Last Judgment, a sequel to the production of the same name that premiered in 2021.

The investigation focuses on the mediatic marital breakdown, while closely following the Hollywood actors in a stormy legal battle witnessed by the entire world.

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