Israel summons Mexican ambassador for vandalism at his embassy during protests over the Ayotzinapa case

After activists vandalized the israeli embassy in Mexico City demanding the extradition of Thomas Zeronaccused of concealing evidence in the case of the 43 students from AyotzinapaIsrael called for consultations with the Mexican ambassador.

“He was summoned to explain the position of his government,” a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry told Efe.

It may interest you: Israeli embassy vandalized in Mexico in protest against Ayotzinapa case; demand extradition of Tomás Zerón

On Wednesday, a group of activists and relatives of the 43 missing normalistas vandalized the Israeli embassy, ​​from whose government they demand the extradition of Tomás Zerón, former director of the extinct Criminal Investigation Agency accused of irregularities if.

A few days after the eighth anniversary of the tragedy, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Israeli diplomatic headquarters in the Mexican capital, where they made graffiti with the legends Extradition of Tomás Zeron, No forgiveness, nor forgetness Y 43.

Although the protest in which parents of the disappeared participated began peacefully, hooded youth they began to paint the walls and hit the security cameras of the compound.

The demonstrators accompanied their demands with shouts of Free Palestine Y Live Palestine and even painted palestine lives Y death to zionism in the walls.

Why is Tomás Zerón extradited?

Mexico announced in September 2020 the request to extradite Zerón from Israel, a former official of the president’s six-year term Enrique Pena Nieto accused of concealing evidence and torturing witnesses of the case of the 43 disappeared students in Ayotzinapa in September 2014.

But the process was complicated because both countries do not have an extradition agreement and The New York Times published in July that Israel ignored the request as alleged retaliation for Mexico’s vote at the UN in favor of investigating rights abuses in the Palestinian territories.

The controversy around the investigations of the case was revived this year after the report of the Truth Commissioncreated by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwhich concluded on August 18 that it is a State crime, that there are no indications that the students are alive, and that it recognized the participation of members of the Armed forces.

The commission rejected the “historical truth,” the version of the Peña Nieto government that claimed that corrupt policemen detained the students and handed them over to the Guerreros Unidos cartelwho murdered them and incinerated them in a garbage dump in Guerrero.

The López Obrador Administration denied that version, agreeing with relatives and with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and its Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts, which stated that the bodies could not be burned in that place.

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