Iranian Revolutionary Guard describes protests as sedition

This Thursday the Iranian Revolutionary Guard described the protests taking place in the country as “sedition” and asked the Judiciary to prosecute those who “spread rumors and lies” in the streets and social networks.

The military body alluded to the recent acts of “sedition” that have been “organized by the enemy” in a harsh statement, in which it also offered condolences to the family of the deceased.

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“We have asked the judiciary to identify those who spread rumors and lies on social networks and in the streets and to act decisively against them,” the agency added.

The Revolutionary Guards claimed that “the death of a compatriot” is being used against the country and praised the Iranians who have not joined this “conspiracy”.

For its part, the ultra-conservative daily “Kayhan”, whose director is chosen by Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, criticized the judiciary for apparently not condemning anyone for the protests.

“Show no mercy on these criminals,” the newspaper asked.

protests escalate

Amin was arrested on Tuesday of last week by the so-called Morale Police in Tehran, where she was visiting, and was taken to a police station to attend “an hour of re-education” for wearing the veil wrong.

He died three days later in a hospital where he arrived in a coma after suffering a heart attack, which the authorities have attributed to health problems, something rejected by the family.

Since then, protests have multiplied in at least 20 cities and eight people have died, according to the official version.

In the early morning two basijis, Islamic militiamen, died and at least two police stations were burned, in addition to numerous cars.

Videos shared on Twitter by activists and journalists showed protests in numerous cities across the country for another night, but their authenticity has not been verified.

UN experts condemn Amini’s death and violence against protesters

Also today, ten UN experts condemned in a joint statement the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini, the young woman arrested for not wearing the mandatory Islamist veil in Iran, as well as the violence of the security forces against the protest demonstrations for this case, with at least eight deaths.

Amini “is yet another victim of the ongoing repression and systematic discrimination against women in Iran, where dress codes are imposed that deprive women of autonomy over their bodies and freedom of opinion, expression and belief,” said the release.

The experts urged the Iranian authorities to stop the use of lethal force in the peaceful demonstrations called in the wake of the case, and asked them to launch an independent investigation into Amini’s death, “where the results of the investigations are made public and the responsible for the crime are held accountable”.

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The young woman, recalls the statement, was arrested in Tehran on September 13 by the Iranian morality police with the excuse that she was wearing the veil wrong, and according to some testimonies she was brutally beaten by the agents during her arrest and transfer to the center of Vozara’s arrest.

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