Iran blocks access to the internet and networks amid protests over the death of Mahsa Amin

PARIS. The Iranian authorities blocked access to Instagram and WhatsApp, after six days of protests over the death of a young woman detained by the morality police in which 17 people have died, according to the balance of a state media.

The number of deaths could be higher since the opposition NGO Iran Human Rights speaks of at least 31 civilians killed by the security forces.

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The death of Mahsa Amini, 22, sparked harsh condemnation around the world and international NGOs have denounced a “brutal” crackdown on protesters.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran’s morality police, accusing them of abuse and violence against Iranian women and violating the rights of peaceful protesters in the country, the US Treasury Department said.

The Treasury also said it had imposed sanctions on the heads of the Iranian army ground forces and morale police, as well as the intelligence minister.

The young woman from Kurdistan was arrested on September 13 in Tehran accused of “wearing inappropriate clothing” by the morality police, a unit in charge of enforcing the strict dress code. She died on September 16 at a hospital.

Women in Iran must cover their heads and are not allowed to wear short coats above the knees, tight pants or jeans with holes.

According to militants, Mahsa Amini received a fatal blow to the head, but the Iranian authorities denied this and announced the opening of an investigation.

Demonstrations began immediately after the announcement of his death and spread to 15 cities across Iran.

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