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Fear has gripped the inhabitants of Tecomanwho have decided to leave their homes and sleep on the street in the face of the possibility of registering new earthquakes of strong intensity, such as the one that occurred on September 19th that affected more than 3,500 homes in the state of Colima.

Since the 7.7-magnitude tremor was recorded on Monday, families decided that it was best to sleep outside when their homes were damaged.

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In the Lázaro Cárdenas II neighborhood, in Tecomán, five entire families took their mattresses from their beds, as well as mats and blankets, to a vacant lot on Abel Corona Street, where they set up a makeshift camp to live there indefinitely, because they are afraid that another earthquake will occur and that their houses will fall on them.

Monday was the first day they were there. There were almost 60 people on the ground floor with overgrown weeds.

This Thursday night, there were only about 20 people: men, women and children, because they take turns being there.

They placed a tarp on the property to cover them from possible rain. They also have fans attached to light extensions from the houses closest to the camp.

Mr. Andrés Cazares, who is a papaya transporter, is one of those who sleeps in that place in the hope that he will no longer tremble.

“I could no longer go to work because of the earthquakes that occurred on Tuesday during the night, here we are suffering. Very heavy aftershocks have passed. Thank God the one on Thursday at dawn did not happen to majors.”

He shared that he has experienced many tremors throughout his life, but none as intense as the one on Monday, not even the one in 1985. It is understandable because the epicenter is located three hours away from that Colima municipality.

To feed themselves they also cook different stews according to their economic possibilities. This Thursday they prepared beef broth for everyone; at night hot chocolate. A day before only beans.

Residents feel forgotten by the authorities

Their fear is such that they do not even go into their homes to perform their physiological needs, instead they go to a neighboring building in black work.

They say they are forgotten by the authorities of all levels of government that not even security they have provided them to at least sleep with the peace of mind of not being assaulted.

After the aftershocks that have occurred in recent days and that have shaken Colima, it is common to see the residents of Tecomán sitting outside their homes, trying to get some rest and reconcile the sleep that was taken from them.

At another point, on the intersection of Antonio Montes and Amado Nervo, Mrs. Idolina Armas Farías spends the night in a chair, who had lived in her house for five years, which presents damage to its structure.

“It scares me because it has cracks. I just spend all my time looking at the fence. I sleep outside because the door sometimes doesn’t let me out, it gets stuck.”

A few steps away from Idolina, another family made up of eight people who share the same fear was also sleeping.

“Because of the tremors that are taking place, it scares us. They have been strong and we have children. We believe that it is safer out here,” said Lucero Rincón.

She and her family had to live in the street during the 6.9 earthquake that occurred at 1:16 a.m. this Thursday. She expressed that she is worried about her children because they are the ones who are most scared of her.

“We were scared, because even if we are outside, you don’t know if it will last longer or be stronger. More than anything because of the children, they feel the movement and are alarmed.”

Those who sleep on the street at night agree that the time they manage to sleep is minimal, so after three sleepless nights, this situation is already beginning to affect them in their jobs and in their daily lives. They also do not know when they will sleep inside their homes again.

Tecomán is the most affected municipality in Colima, due to the geological phenomenon of 7.7. As of this Friday morning, more than 2,200 houses with structural damage had been counted, but it is likely that the number increasesince the evaluation of the dwellings continues.

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