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With one of the largest deserts and a geological configuration considered among the oldest in the world, where clear skies reign and particular natural phenomena occur capable of evoking extraordinary beauty, the state of sound has been the seedbed of great photographers like Alejandra Platt, Nahatan Navarro and Javier Ramírez Limón.

For the first time, a selection of the best of Photography sonorense with exposure visual sonorousas part of Mexico International Photography Festival 2022, which has been dedicated to highlighting the various ways of inhabiting the world, based on the relationship between identity and nature; and that on this occasion it has Chile and the State of Sonora as guests of honor. It will remain until March 5.

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“Is exhibition It is important because, despite the fact that historically the decentralization of art has been promoted, it has not happened. In the case of artists from Sonora, in some way, it is a kind of symbolic justice, since there are some who have more than 30 years of experience”, he comments in an interview with The Sun of MexicoOctavio Avendaño, curator of the exposition and coordinator of Visual Arts of the Sonoran Institute of Culture.

The sample is made up of 15 photographs of 15 visual creators showing the evolution photographic from Sonora, across generations born between 1960 and the early 2000s. Among them are Shon Aran, Aglae Cortés, Edith Cota, Adrián Gil, Bam Razcón, Edith Reyes; as well as the same Alejandra Platt, Nahatan Navarro and Javier Ramírez Limón, who also served as teachers of the current generations.

Octavio Avendaño explains that both the geographical factors of soundas the cultural characteristics of their communities and cities, which tie two dissimilar times between an ancient nature and a society that can be considered recent, generate a particular vision to the lenses photographers from Sonora that capture the emotions and problems of their environment.

“Thanks to that photographers Sonorans use the image, not to represent, but to enunciate very deep issues such as violence and machismo without the need to mention them directly. They just use the landscape that nature gives them,” he adds.

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So, in these Photographs it is possible to see metaphors in which the fauna becomes the image of the terror and beauty of the desert, or critical elements such as human trafficking, which are veiled by the majesty of the landscapes. In addition, of course, to portraits of the daily life of the inhabitants of sound.

To complete the understanding of the work of these artists, this Friday at 6:00 p.m. there will be a talk between the curator and the director of the venue, Johan Trujillo Argüelles, where they will delve into the characteristics of Sonoran photography and what makes the difference of other styles made in the country.

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