INAI rejects AMLO’s accusations; reaffirms commitment to freedom of expression – El Sol de México

The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Data Protection personal (INAI) rejected the accusations made on Tuesday by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador against the organ Independent about his alleged bias in imposing sanctions in favor of large companies.

During this Thursday’s session, the plenary session of the INAI spoke out against the statements made by the federal president who also took the opportunity to charge against the National Electoral Institute (INE), the Federal Commission of Economic Competitionthe magistrates and the judges whom he accused of being “at the service of private companies.”

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On Tuesday the president was questioned about a matter of 2019 in which a citizen presented a procedure for the protection of Rights before him INAI, for the publication of your personal data in a communication medium. In the fact, which was finally resolved at the beginning of 2020the Institute ruled against the businessfor which he was attributed an alleged attack on the freedom of expression.

Regarding this, the president pointed out that “we are still suffering from these appliances that were created during neoliberal periodall this scaffolding of autonomous bodies, facades that served to justify the Stolethe pillage of goods nationals for a long time”.

In this regard, the Commissioner Norma Julieta del Río Venegas recalled that, contrary to what the president says about privileging private interests, the INAI has contributed to the knowledge of cases such as Odebrecht and the House Whitein addition to promoting books dedicated to journalistic investigations.

“The INAIat all times, has worked and resolved in accordance with the normativity applicable; In addition, it is a body that promotes and disseminates the Rights of access to the information and of protection of personal information between guild journalistic”, he stressed.

For his part, the Commissioner Adrian Alcala dismissed the claim that the INAI caters to certain privileged groups and stressed that this is not the case and explained that, in the particular case in which the president took a position against the INAI again, the business it was sanctioned for failing to comply with the procedure provided for in the Law federal protection of Data in Possession of the Obliged Subjects to assert a person’s right to access their personal data.

“No one can or should be margin of the lawwhich is very different from thinking that, with this, the INAI promotes acts of censorship or that threaten the freedom of expression. Have no doubt, the INAI it is an institution close to the people, it is an institution that works and will continue to work to protect the Rights of access to information Y protection of personal information”, he indicated.

This is not the first time that the President Lopez Obrador charge against INAIin April 2021also in his morning conferenceannounced that in an eventual administrative reform that he would send to the Congress of the Union, he would propose its disappearance along with that of other organizations such as the INEwhose powers would pass to the Secretary of governance

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