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If what happened this week in the Senate does not change the plans, the leader of the Morenista caucus Ricardo Monreal will be in Querétaro this Friday to talk, among other things, about his book entitled The Great Reforms for Regime Change, in which, of course, everything related to the security policy is addressed. The visit is planned so that the president of the Board of Directors will also attend, Alexander Armenta, who have prepared such a welcome for them to take advantage of the trip and campaign for their respective aspirations. However, assistance is now in doubt after the failure that was noted with the rejection of the initiative to expand the presence of the Army in the streets until 2028.

In the shadow…

Last Wednesday, the Mextrópoli City and Architecture Festival began, in which nearly 80,000 attendees, including students, architects, urban planners and designers, discussed critical issues for the future of urbanization and the construction.


Among the firms that have participated in the meeting, which concludes this Sunday, is the construction giant Cemex, from Fernando Gonzalez Oliveriwhich, for example, has already addressed priority issues such as reducing its carbon footprint through its new environmentally friendly cements and concrete, as well as the use of energy recycling to decarbonize its operations.


That those of Vulcan Materials are very happy these days because they consider that the International Court on Foreign Investment Conflicts (ICSID) gave the Government of Mexico a setback, by trying to stop the allusions and public attacks against the American from the morning of the National Palace. That they no longer want people to speak of an “ecological disaster” due to their operations in the Mexican Caribbean, as the president has mentioned more than 25 times.


The court leading the Dutch Albert Jan Van Der Berg agreed to include additional claims to the original file, including the closure of Profepa last May on instructions from the president Lopez Obradorwhich implies that in the event that the company, which has Tom Hill, win the litigation, Mexico would be obliged to pay more than one thousand 500 million dollars in favor of Calica. The case, expect the aggrieved, will have to be resolved definitively this year.


They tell us that within the Mexican government they are sure that Vulcan’s claims present serious factual and legal deficiencies that will have repercussions on the exorbitant amount claimed. They say that this is due to the fact that the American has decided to use the arbitration procedure improperly, to obtain benefits to which it is not entitled. Those from Mexico believe that it is a simple case, which will continue until the company understands that it is violating the environmental regulations of this country and much more.


The one who seems to be campaigning, but nobody knows where he is pointing, is the minister president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldivar, who continues to deliver good results on the grounds he can match. For example, in his conference this month, he reported on the release of 40,992 low-income prisoners held in various penitentiary centers in the country, who, according to the minister himself, lacked quality defense due to their economic situation.


According to Arturo Zaldivarthe almost 41 thousand prisoners released between the period from January 2019 to September 2022, represent 18 percent of the incarcerated population in Mexico, which is also good news for the prison system that already suffers from the ravages of overpopulation .

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