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Those who know say that the head of the Mexico City police, Omar Garcia Harfuch, began to collect support from the opposition, from where his appointment as head of the National Guard was proposed. In detail, the former PRI Secretary of Tourism, Henry of the Madrid, put on the table that the official from the capital become the civilian command under which this security body remains, adding the support not only of the morenistas, but of a good part of the opposition. The approach, they tell us, would not have delighted in the Old Town Hall Palace, where they come to Garcia Harfuch as the fourth-transformist standard-bearer to contend for the Head of Government in 2024.

In the shadow…

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury updated in its list of businesses linked to drug trafficking details of a character who allegedly lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, but who is also located by the financial intelligence of the United States as the owner of properties in Dubai. Is about Hassein Eduardo Figueroa Gomezaliases Ernest Fernandezconsidered one of the disruptors in the financial management of synthetic drug money.


The US government warns that they cannot do business with this character or with his companies, among them: Citadel Real Estate Developments, Fortia Tourist Developments, Scuadra Fortia, Unión Abarrotero de Jalisco, El Palomar Car Wash, Fortia Baja Sur, Geofarma, Grupo Comercial San Blas, Grupo F and F Medical International de Equipos, as well as Punto Farmacéutico and Fortia Architectural Development. Insiders say that this character’s money already has red lights on it, since his financial interests cover a large part of the national territory and other southern nations.


Those in the know tell us that they are already tracking the origin of the alleged cables from the United States Embassy, ​​which is headed by Ken Salazar, which are leaking to columnists in Mexico, fake cables that the editors pass off as real. The one who is already a client, they remind us, is the elected governor of Tamaulipas, Americo Villarreal Anaya.


“I have the best concept of the doctor Americo VillarrealI met his father, his name was the same as his, Americo Villarrealone of the best hydraulic engineers in Mexico, became Undersecretary of Hydraulic Resources, when the engineer rovirosa I was the secretary of Hydraulic Resources, or I think in the following six-year term”, said the president of Mexico about the blows, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.


That this Thursday the presentation of the book “Leading Women in the Pandemic” will take place, a compilation of testimonies that the journalist Haide Serrano made about the leadership exercised by different women during the health contingency. The aforementioned event will take place at the Cancun Ka’yok Planetarium and will be attended by the 20 protagonists, who will give testimony of the actions they undertook from their respective sectors to overcome the crisis and recover the economy of their communities.

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