In Russia, the salaries of the president, prime minister and ministers were indexed

Vladimir Putin signs a document

Russian President Vladimir Putin

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The salaries of the Russian President, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, heads of ministries and departments have been indexed by 4% since October 1. This is stated in the decree of the head of state, published on September 23 on the official portal of legal information.

The last time the salaries of top officials were indexed in 2020 by 3%, writes TASS. On Friday, decrees of the President of Russia were also published on the indexation by 4% from October 1 of the salaries of all federal officials, diplomats and judges.

Earlier, the Russians were told to whom raise salaries from 1 October. Payments will be made not from the federal, but from the regional budgets. The exact amount of payments will therefore vary considerably.

From October 1, salaries will also be increased for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard. It is assumed that the rate of indexation of salaries and pensions of law enforcement officers will increase every year.

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