In less than 24 hours, Pemex registers two hydrocarbon incidents in Tabasco

Less than 24 hours after an explosion was recorded in the station’s battery Wall in Huimanguillotoday again the installations of Mexican oil in Tabasco re-register mobilization of emergency when registering a drain of hydrocarbonafter the collapse of a line in its installations.

The events were recorded shortly before 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21, when the hydrocarbon spill was recorded on a piece of land located in Eastthird section of Comalcalcoon the short road Cunduacan.

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Residents who were in the area, managed to capture through a video how the earth sprouted hydrocarbon.

For its part, the Civil Protection Coordination of the State of Tabasco issued a release to citizens through their social networks, to publicize the actions carried out in the face of the mishap.

Civil Protection Statement

Civil protection noted that the spill was controlled hydrocarbon in a 16” pipeline by personnel from Oils Mexicanswho in the first instance closed valves to contain the crude, to later make way for the repair of the line.

He clarified that despite what happened, and according to the results of the reportsthere is no risk for the population, since there are no registered houses in the surroundings of the place where the leak.

He announced that as a preventive measure, the lane with direction Cunduacan Short Road Comalcalcohowever, the rail Comalcalco Cunduacan remains open to traffic.

He reported that staff Coast Regional Center went to reinforce the protocols carried out in the place, and that until now continue in the place to maintain monitored the place.

Two emergencies in less than 24 hours

It should be remembered that during the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 20, the explosion was recorded in the Paredon Station of Huimanguillo.

Pemex recognized through social networks that it was a gas leak in a ethane pipeline 24 inch ranging from PEMEX City a crabeater.

He pointed out that the accident occurred because an excavator accidentally hit a pipelinewhich caused a leak of gas ethane, causing the explosion at the site.

Although he specified that no damage was reported to peoplefacilities or the neighboring community.

However, the opinion issued by Civil protection He specified that 12 vehicles, 20 motorcycles, a backhoe and a guardhouse were burned. Likewise, 40 workers were evacuated from the parastatal.

Note originally published in The Herald of Tabasco

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