How to switch to electronic HR in 2022 (September 21, 2022)

In November last year, the labor legislation of the Russian Federation was amended, according to which companies are now allowed to conduct personnel document flow electronic. Paperwork and chaos are a thing of the past. Automation of personnel processes is a current trend.

In order to successfully implement transition to electronic personnel document management In accordance with the law, the organization should take the following steps:

  1. Audit of personnel processes, selection of an information system and preparation of local regulations. Prior to the introduction of KEDO, it is necessary to decide which personnel documents will be transferred to electronic format and which not, determine the requirements for confidentiality, storage, etc. It is also worth deciding on the choice of an information system, based on the requirements stated for it. Often, the main requirements for KEDO are such aspects as the ability to change and refine the system in the future in accordance with the specifics of the company’s business processes, the integration of the service with another accounting system, etc. Regulatory documents should contain information about the selected information platform, a list of documents, a notice period employees about the date of introduction of KEDO in the company, etc.

  2. Implementation of the information system. This stage includes connecting to the accounting system, uploading data (for example, staffing and employees), setting up interfaces for employees, and, if necessary, setting up additional functionality.

  3. System testing. Pilot operation of the system is carried out by a small focus group. However, an important point should be taken into account: when testing an information system, it is necessary to duplicate documents on paper or issue an order and a local regulatory document for the test team so that the documents have legal force.

  4. Training of users of the information system, collection of consents from employees. At this stage, the test group often introduces users to the system, trains them, talks about the advantages of introducing personnel electronic document management, and collects consents for KEDO. Issue of electronic signatures for information system users.

  5. Technical support and further development. As part of the scaling of the company, its expansion – the presence of such opportunities in the platform becomes its competitive advantage.

The introduction of KEDO in an enterprise provides many advantages, ranging from the digitalization of personnel processes to increasing the speed of work and building a clear electronic interaction scheme.

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