How to make the kitchen cozier without repair: 4 tips from designers


You can update the kitchen and make it cozy quite budget and without repair. Designers gave advice on this matter.

Cover with foil headset

An old boring headset can be updated in just a day with a self-adhesive film. It is better to choose light matte options, as they look more expensive. In addition, part of the headset can be pasted over with a patterned coating.

Replace curtains

Window design affects the perception of the entire room. To create coziness in the kitchen, you can update the curtains. Experts recommend opting for thick cotton curtains. Abstraction, floral pattern, laconic geometry, writes magazine “Ideas of your home”.

Replace decor

Above the dining table you can hang posters, photographs or paintings. You can also replace the decor on open shelves, if any. For example, arrange candles and plants there. At the same time, it is better to refuse magnets on the refrigerator, since such decor only creates visual noise.

Start a mini garden

Any space becomes cozier with indoor plants. Different herbs are suitable for the kitchen: basil, rosemary, mint. You can put an elongated container under the plants on the windowsill, and place hanging planters on the wall. In addition, a railing can be attached to the kitchen apron and small pots can be hung on hooks.

The kitchen is an important part of any apartment, so being in it should be pleasant and comfortable. If you correctly approach its arrangement, you can make even a small room practical. Architect gave some advice on this occasion.

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