How to care for a Persian violet: simple tips

Exakum, or as it is also called Persian violet, is a rather capricious plant. Incorrect watering or the wrong location can lead to disease, mold, wilting or color loss. But with proper care, he is able to conquer you with his flowering – in the summer, dozens of small bright flowers with a yellow center adorn the entire surface of the exacum. We will tell you simple tips with which the Persian violet will delight you.


This is a photophilous plant. Therefore, if you want to achieve lush flowering, then for exacum you should choose the most sunlit place. In autumn, it is better to put a flower on the south or east window of the apartment so that the plant receives enough light. But it should be remembered that the exacum still needs to be protected from too hot midday rays in early September – for this you can cover the window, for example, blinds.

Temperature fluctuations must also be avoided. writes Art Plants. Constant jumps between heat and cold adversely affect the appearance of the plant. In order to avoid problems, in the fall it is better to keep the exacum away from radiators, heaters, air conditioners and hide the capricious plant from drafts.


The temperature regime is important for the full growth and development of the flower. Exacum should be kept within strict temperature limits – from +17 to +20 ° С. The plant may die at lower and higher temperatures.

Watering and humidity

Since this plant is very photophilous, the moisture from the substrate evaporates relatively quickly. Therefore, it must be watered abundantly.

In summer, during the active flowering period, the flower should be watered 2-3 times a week. In autumn, the moisture regime will depend on the conditions under which the Persian violet grows:

  • if the air temperature and the amount of light remain the same as in summer, then watering is done just as often;
  • if the climate on the window becomes cooler, then you need to moisten less often.

The plant should be watered only with well-settled water (at least 24 hours).

Exakum feels best with high humidity. But at the same time, drops of moisture should not be allowed to fall on the buds. To increase humidity, a special humidifier is best suited, or the pot can be placed in a deep pan that is filled with water.

Top dressings and fertilizers

From the beginning of spring to the end of summer, the exacum must be fed with special fertilizers for indoor flowering plants at least twice a month. At the same time, this plant does not like foliar top dressing and long-acting fertilizers. But in the fall, the flower can not be fed.

Previously, flower growers said Why don’t violets bloom at home?. The reason may be in the soil, improper watering, or too low a room temperature. Also, this plant should never be kept in drafts.

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